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International Conference of the German Semiotics Society, Sept. 28 – Oct. 02, 2021


A detailed overview of the programme and all panels is available here. (Log in under "Gastaccount" = guest account).
The programme is also available as a pdf file.

We are pleased to announce the following plenary lectures

  • Paul Bouissac (Victoria University Toronto): “The Endless Frontier of Semiotics”
  • Lars Elleström (Linnaeus University, Sweden): “Representing the Anthropocene: Transmediation of Narratives and Truthfulness from Science to Feature Film”
  • Susanne Hauser (Universität der Künste, Berlin): „References: On Semiotics and Cultural Studies“
  • Christian Pentzold (Universität Leipzig): “Making the Future Visible: Infographics in Predictive Data Journalism”
  • Susan Petrilli (Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro): “Imag(in)ing Cultural Transformation between Idols and Icons”
  • Hartmut Stöckl (Universität Salzburg): “Transforming Pictorial Reference in the Age of Computer-Generated Imagery. A Multimodal View from Current Advertising”

All keynotes will be open to the public. Please write to , receive the access data.


  • Cultural Studies(1): „Images as Agents of Cultural Transformation“
  • Image (2): „Images as Agents of Cultural Transformation“
  • Digital Humanities (3): „Digital Transformation of the Humanities? Theoretical and Methodological Provocations by the Digital Humanities“
  • Literature & Youth and Subcultures (4): „Medial Transformations and/or Innovation of Narrative Formats: Appropriation, Literacy, Protest“
  • Philosophy of Signs (5): „The End of Reference? Truth Claims in the ‘Postfactual Age’“
  • Fashion (6): „Religion, Politics and Fashion - Circulation of Signs"
  • Archaeology (7): „Representations and Interpretations of Dynamic Processes and Actions in Pre-Modern Societies“
  • Body (8): „Digital Transformation and Virtualization of Body Signs“
  • Media (9): „Medial and Semiotic Transformation Processes in Science Practice (Phenomena, Data, Contexts, Results)“
  • Architecture (10): „Transformations in Architecture and Urbanism“
  • Design (11): „Return of the Real. Design and Design Theory in Transition“
  • Dance, Theater and Circus (12): „On the (Ir)relevance of Semiotics. Transformations in the Performative Arts“
  • Environmental and carto/atlas semiotics (13): „From carto semiotics to atlas semiotics“
  • Panel of the SFB Hybrid Societies (14): „Anthropomorphization from a semiotic and cognitive perspective. A contribution to social robotics“
  • Panel (15) „Challenges and Potentials of Palimpsest Space Theory“

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